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YRAM network, What is it?

We’re very happy to launch a new network dedicated to Young Researchers in Acoustic Metamaterials YRAM.  The aim will be to enhance collaboration and co-working on acoustic and elastic metamaterials, metasurfaces, topologic metamaterials, graded media,…

Social and scientific events will be organized such as the Symposium on Acoustic Metamaterials, the second edition of which will be co-organize with DENORMS – CA 12125 and the Universitat of Salerno in  Ischia from 9-11 October 2019.

This network is still in the building step, we’re really interested by any ideas, suggestions,…  If you want to join the dynamic building team, please feel free to contact us!


You organize a congress, a symposium, a workshop,…? Please, Contact us and we’ll spread the info!

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